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Best Walnut Cracker Machines in The Market

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With Years of experience providing commercial and household, Pecan Nut Busters is proud to be an “American-made” brand. Equipment are manufactured in Florida and are of the highest caliber. No matter what type of nut that needs cracking, we have the machinery available to handle it. We are proud to supply machinery for your backyard nut cracking purposes and also machinery built for commercial purposes. If you need peanuts, pecan and walnut cracker machines, we have the best line up.

The Extra Large Pecan Nut Buster is one of our best walnut cracker machine. You will no longer have to tire your hands by manually trying to get walnuts out of their shells. This machinery simplifies that process and get you your nuts cracked and shelled at a much faster rate. This walnut cracker ensures that you get the job done quickly without breaking much of a sweat.

Pecan Nut Busters allows you to choose from a wide range of commercial equipment and also machinery that you can use for gathering pecans from your backyard. If you are looking for a walnut cracker you will get ample usage out of this commercial machinery. It can handle high volume of work and has proven to be reliable for many walnut businesses.

For nut crackers built to handle both commercial and household nut cracking, contact us to get all the details that you need. We will assist you in finding the perfect machinery for your needs. If you have gathered your pecans and want to get them cracked with an easy option consider our small pecan nut buster. It is easy to use and will allow you to handle the cracking process without your hands getting tired.

Our product listings include equipment that comes in different sizes and with different adjustments. Our Extra large pecan nut buster, makes the process easier by providing you with machinery that shells and cracks your nuts in one simple move. You will never need to find additional machinery for shelling your nuts after you have placed them in a nut sheller.

You can enjoy great products and fantastic customer service. You can get in contact with Pecan Nut Busters to find out more information about getting the right machinery to suit your needs. We will be glad to assist you with all your queries.

Each Machine We Manufacture

Pecan Nut Busters Guarantee
  • Carries a 2 Year Warranty
  • Require no sizing
  • Easy to operate
  • Great Customer Service!
  • Custom colors available
  • Crack & Shell in one process
  • High speed cracking with high percentage of halves
  • Cracks native and small varieties
  • Portable
  • Commercial Industrial Grade